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A Child’s Place, PA

A Child’s Place (ACP) is the Allegheny County Child Advocacy Center, a fully accredited Child Advocacy Center of the National Children’s Alliance. This website will answer many questions and concerns related to child abuse issues.

Many times parents have a “gut feeling” or are concerned about their children’s behaviors or statements and don’t know where to turn. If you are one of these parents and live in the Greater Pittsburgh area, ACP would be a good place to look for guidance and direction. ACP hopes that you may be able to have a better, clearer plan of action after reading and reviewing the materials on this site.

ACP has functioned as a team for almost 20 years and has been involved with more than 20,000 cases of suspected child abuse. Your review of this site is strictly confidential and is not monitored. If we can assist you with your concerns or questions, please call our office at the number below.

Of the 600+ children we evaluate each year, about one-half disclose abuse. Of the group that discloses abuse, about one-half of those cases result in criminal prosecution. The lack of prosecution is most often due to the child’s age and their inability to testify in court, and this testimony is required by Pennsylvania law. At times children disclose abuse and later recant. That is to be expected about one-fourth of the time.

if you would like to contact us to discuss your concerns or make an appointment, please call 412-232-7200.



The Staunton Farm Foundation

The Staunton Farm Foundation is a family foundation established in 1937 in accordance with the wishes of Matilda Staunton Craig, who wanted her estate to be used to benefit people with mental illness.

Following the direction set in her will and in response to current needs, the Trustees of the Staunton Farm Foundation make grants to support treatment, services, and systems improvements for children, youth, and adults with behavioral health issues.

The Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of people who live with mental illness and/or substance use disorders. The Foundation works to enhance behavioral health treatment and support by advancing best practices through grant making to non-profit organizations in ten southwestern Pennsylvania counties.

The DVD, "When Your Baby Cries," was produced by the Fred Rogers Company for A Child's Place, part of the Pittsburgh Mercy Health System, with funding from the Staunton Farm Foundation.